Our values are what we think is important. They’re what make us who we are and make our business what it is. These are the values that govern us at Clarion Advisors:


We work for our clients. Not investment companies. That means you get independent, unbiased advice, not sales. Since we are not brokers, hidden fees, commissions or proprietary funds don’t cloud our vision or create conflicts of interest. As independent investment advisors, we are truly free to do what we like to do--provide advice and solutions that champion the best interests of our clients.


When we say that we put client interests first, we’re not kidding. We are interested in your story and know your chances for financial success are better when you’re prepared. We want to help in that process. By supporting your financial health, steering your progress, and acting as your legal fiduciary, we’re investing in you. We take that very seriously.


Integrity means we’re honest with ourselves and honest with you. We hold ourselves accountable even when it’s hard. For us, good business ethics isn’t an abstract concept or outdated idea, it’s at the core of every decision we make.


Service is what we do. We help our clients achieve tangible financial goals. That means we need to be at the top of our game. We continually strive to do that, working diligently to provide sound, pertinent advice and follow an informed, disciplined approach to investing. Because how we serve you matters to us, we strive to make sure we’re not only there at the onset, but available to answer your questions and give you help along the way.


Freedom is why we do what we do. A good plan and a disciplined adherence to that plan are foundational for financial independence, and financial independence is financial freedom—the ability to spend your time, energy and resources on what matters most to you. Financial freedom is not just for those who have reached a certain age or attained a certain level of financial success, it’s for those who plan carefully, prepare diligently and live deliberately. We strive to help you get there.