Business Owners

Investing in a retirement plan for your company simply makes good business sense. Tax advantages for companies with plans can be significant and the personal benefits for both business owners and employees are considerable. For most business owners the question isn’t whether to provide a plan, but how to put on another business-owner-hat. The answer is easier than it seems: by building a retirement plan team.   

Whether you’re building a business or a major league roster, the team you build makes a difference. Because, in the end, that’s the team that helps you meet your objectives. As a retirement plan sponsor, you could say you’re the GM of your plan. Our job as plan advisors is to help you manage that team.  

At Clarion Advisors we help you:

  • Customize a plan tailored to your specific business 
  • Provide fiduciary support
  • Assist with investment selection
  • Lower plan costs  
  • Educate and advise your employees on plan details and benefits
  • Service your plan with our professional staff--plan administrator, custodian and record keeper 

We’re also committed to educating our plan sponsors by helping them understand fiduciary responsibility, utilize benchmarking practices, and know what it means to navigate fees and expenses and monitor investments. For those wanting to probe deeper into the history and workings of 401(k) retirement plans, Marshall Goins has written The Business Owners Complete Guide to Taking Good Care of Your Retirement Plan. Get your complimentary copy.