Financial Experience, Expertise, & Education 

Your vision of the future is naturally unique and our job is to help you get there. Wherever you are in the planning process, your financial decisions matter. We are an INDEPENDENT and LOCAL investment advisory firm dedicated to helping you route your course to financial independence.   

Because our fee-only, zero commission, asset management program is not tied to any single investment product or company, we create customized solutions from thousands of available investment choices.

Your interests come first as we work together to create and align your plan to achieve your financial goals. We will work with you to create a financial plan that includes: investments, income planning, insurance, tax plans, and estate plans. Retirement planning is a process and it takes a team to ensure your plan is solid and built on a firm foundation. No single individual has all the answers, and that is why we use a team approach to get the best results for your investments, insurance, taxes and estate planning. Your financial decisions are too important to take a chance.  

As a SmartVestor Pro for the Auburn, Roseville and Sacramento region, we're committed to helping and educating you on your path to financial peace. Dave Ramsey impacts the lives of millions of people every week with his positive message of debt elimination and budgeting. We take over in Baby Step 4 when you are ready to invest 15% of your household income into retirement. Be confident about your retirement!

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In addition to individual investors, we work with business owners on the management of their 401k retirement plans. Business owners have many hats to wear. Taking care of the company retirement plan is just one of the many responsibilities. Having a plan advisor can lighten the load. 

Retirement plans are a valuable benefit for business owners but creates a huge responsibility. As a business owner, are you taking good care of your 401k retirement plan? We lead a team of independent professionals that will support your efforts and bring the highest possible value to you and your employees.

We specialize in fee-based investment management and financial planning services including: retirement accumulation, distribution planning, investment portfolio design and management, and sudden wealth planning.

Furthermore, we provide retirement plan services for public and private employers which include: 457 plans for government employers, 401(k) plans for small to large companies, Simples, SEP's, 403(b) plans, and IRA's.

We manage all types of lump-sum distributions, 401(k) rollovers, retirement plan distributions, IRA rollovers, and inheritance assets.